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About Anna Herslow Lind

Anna has studied Our Consciousness, Yoga and Mindfulness in many parts of the world. But it was with her son’s cancer diagnosis that she found her life purpose: To show the way to our inner center, the eye of our own hurricane, and how we from there can develop deep inner balance.


Earlier on, Anna worked many years with corporate export around Europe. Today she works mainly with Cancer-Rehab, Lectures, Personal Guidance and Yoga.

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Quotes from the book:

"Cancer is so terrifying it scares fears away."


"The title "the Hidden Gifts of Cancer" may be provocative - but not nearly as provocative as child cancer itself."


"I had to go through a lot of hell to find my heaven."


"Like a key, suffering and challenges can unlock and unblock us and give us new aspects of our lives. A chance to redirect and open doors we did not even know existed."


"Cancer is merciless and ruthless, two very strong components that make people walk the extra mile to help you, and that help us reconsider our priorities."


"A shock with the magnitude of child cancer, destroys beliefs, pulverizes norms and reorganizes priorities. An opportunity to upgrade and reorganize ourselves. A chance to travel lighter."

A shock with the magnitude of child cancer;

destroys beliefs, pulverizes norms and reorganizes priorities.

This helped me to upgrade and reorganize my entire system.

Today, priorities flow easier and I travel lighter.

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