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Said about the book

In the Hidden Gifts of Cancer, Anna Herslow Lind, a loving mother,
 transforms the most heartbreaking experience of childhood cancer into numerous concrete and extractable life gems.
For any parent facing the impossible reality of their child’s suffering and mortality, this book will bring comfort and a fresh uplifting perspective.”

Tali Lando 

MD, Author of Hell and Back: Wife and Mother, Doctor and Patient, Dragon Slayer 


We can easily see the devastation and havoc that cancer brings to patients, families, and loved ones. What we don’t always see, not until close up, are the relationships that it tightens, the inner strength that it builds, the love that it deepens... the gifts. Anna Herslow Lind shows us optimism, pragmatism, and perspective on this disease.” 

Todd Hanna


An inspirational example of how a mother challenged by unbearable pain, manages to strengthen and comfort her soul. A helpful book for all parents with children suffering of cancer diseases.” 

Per Revstedt

Clinical Psychologist and Author

This book is a wonderful, loving and warm gift. The gift that comes with receiving the worst kind of message; your child has cancer. Gift can mean two things in Swedish; gift and poison. It’s almost as if they go hand in hand ... one cannot exist without the other. Are you willing to face the poison of a disease, and the poison within yourself?  Then you may find the gift of finding yourself and become
for ever present.”

Kjell Enhager
Author, Consultant and Coach


The Hidden Gift of Cancer is full of insights, hope and wisdom.”

Anna Ottosson

Author, Lecturer and Cancer-rehab Expert






A shock with the magnitude of child cancer;

destroys beliefs, pulverizes norms and reorganizes priorities.

This helped me to upgrade and reorganize my entire system.

Today, priorities flow easier and I travel lighter.

Hopp, Tröst och Tillit

till föräldrar som står inför en

barncancer behandling